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Legal notice

Chapter 1 Objective
The aim of this notice is to provide the general conditions according to which agcs-ch group. makes available its Internet websites AGCS (designated below with the generic name AGCS sites) as well as conditions for navigators of these websites.

Access and the use of the AGCS sites are considered as acceptance of this legal notice. If you disagree with the clauses below, it is unadvisable to use these services.

agcs-ch group reserves the right to modify or update this notice at any time.

Chapter 2 Limitation of liability


2.1 Loss of data and other damage
Based on applicable legal provisions, agcs-ch group shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, namely but not limited to loss of profit, clientele, data or intangible assets, caused by using or the impossibility of using the AGCS sites, and in general, any event connected to the site or third party sites.
In particular, any downloaded material and/or any material obtained in any manner whatsoever while using the site is at your own risk. agcs-ch group cannot be held liable for any damage to your computer or loss of data.

2.2 Liability while practicing mountain sports
The practice of mountain sports requires a good knowledge of the terrain and accepting a certain amount of risk in line with the abilities of each individual.. agcs-ch group recommends that the visitors of its sites use utmost caution in interpreting and using the data provided by the community.
agcs-ch group does not guarantee that the information provided (route description, climb condition description, forum comments, practical and medical advice) directly on its sites is exact and complete. Neither agcs-ch group, nor the authors of the texts can be held liable for this non-contractual information.
This information cannot replace the advice of a licensed professional on site at the time of the activity. agcs-ch group shall not be held liable for any nature of accident resulting from the use or interpretation of information disseminated through its Internet sites.

Chapter 3 Limitation of guarantees
The sites are provided as is, accessible based on availability, with no express or implied guarantee from agcs-ch group.
agcs-ch group in particular does not guarantee that:
• the site, the contents and proposed products will perfectly meet your expectations
• the site will operate without interruption and without errors,
• the errors will be corrected.

No advice or information, either written or verbal, which you obtain from agcs-ch group or while using the site, can be construed as any type of a guarantee not expressly envisaged.

Chapter 4 Intellectual property and copyright
The contents (texts, logos, scripts, icons, photos, data and other) of the AGCS sites are the property of agcs-ch group or the authors of such contents. They are protected by copyright.

agcs-ch group provides the user with private usage rights which are not collective nor total for the site contents. Only the following are authorised:
• saving a copy on a single computer to display the information on the screen
• reproduction on paper, with a limited number of copies, for strictly personal and private use of the information.

Putting the site contents on-line, adapting them, redisseminating them in any form whatsoever, even partial, is prohibited.

Chapter 5 Shut-down or suspension of the site
agcs-ch group reserves the right to change or temporarily or permanently interrupt all or part of its Internet sites whenever it desires, without prior notice and with no resulting liability for damages. agcs-ch group cannot be held liable for any consequences resulting from such modification under any circumstances.

Chapter 6 Hypertext links

6.1 Links to agcs-ch group sites
The hypertext links to any agcs-ch group site page (home pages or internal pages) are permitted and strongly encouraged. However, agcs-ch group exercises no control over the third party sites and is not liable for the contents, goods, services, information, equipment, software of the external sites with a hypertext link to one of its sites.

6.2 Hypertext links to third party sites
The sites agcs-ch group possesses may contain links to third party sites.
agcs-ch group exercises no control over these sites and consequently assumes no responsibility regarding the availability of these sites, their contents, advertising and the goods and/or services available on or from these sites. agcs-ch group shall not be held liable in any way whatsoever for direct or indirect damage due to access via Internet to a third party site while using services proposed on these sites.

Chapter 7 Conditions resulting from site interactivity
By adding contents (text, image or other) to one of the interactive sections of the AGCS sites, Internet users expressly and freely grant agcs-ch group SA the right to disseminate these contents (reproduction, representation or adaptation) by any means (any support and in any known or unknown format to date), for the entire world for the duration of the current intellectual property or in the future. Copyright shall remain reserved.

agcs-ch group reserves the right to decide to publish or not publish the contributions it receives on its Internet sites, to modify them, to adapt them or to translate them into any language, to keep them on-line or to delete them at any time.

The Internet users are solely responsible for the contents they adds to the sites. To this end, they guarantee to hold agcs-ch group harmless against any recourse and/or legal action which could arise from their distribution. Namely, they are liable penally and/or financially only for possible attacks the human rights, right to privacy, right to human dignity and copyright that their contribution would cause.

Internet user contributions only represent the author and are not an official viewpoint of agcs-ch group whatsoever.